Conejo Oaks Neighborhood Sommelier Premier Introductory Pandemic Combo

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3 wines for $10.   One red. One white. One surprise.

Greetings from your Neighborhood Sommelier Dan Philips

Some people see me as a somewhat famous wine producer.  I see me as your neighbor.  Normally, at this time of year, you would not see me at all.  At least not in Conejo Oaks.  I’d be in Europe making wine.  I make wine in Spain, Italy, France and Greece.  But like the rest of the world, I’m sheltering in place at home with my wife and kids and foster dogs and a lot of wine.  I’ve always said that wine has no meaning unless it’s shared so during these strange times I’d like to share my wine with you.  I’d like to invite you to try my wines at an incredibly low neighborhood price: 80% off retail.   That’s right.  That’s not a typo.  These are wines that you’d normally see in wine shops at $15-$20 per bottle or more. I’ll deliver them to your door on my bike.  If my teens are agreeable and awake before 2pm, they may deliver to you as well.  So, I suspect you’re unlikely to see any teens at your door but you never know.  But do expect to see me.  I’ll leave the wine on your doorstep or wherever you instruct me.  This is a one time introductory offer and only one per neighbor please.   However, this offer is only the first of many, many offers I will present to you.  I’ll be your personal sommelier. I’m pretty good at it after 20 years in wine production.   I intend to offer killer deals on my wines regularly so stay tuned or contact me if you have a specific request.  Like a good neighbor, Neighborhood Sommelier is there. 
One per customer please.  Neighborhood delivery ONLY.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about wine, specific requests or are just curious.

Email me:

DM me: @neighborhoodsommelier

Call me: 805-302-2800