Poor Thing (signed by James Jean)
Poor Thing (signed by James Jean)

Poor Thing (signed by James Jean)

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Medium deep opaque red color with vivid violet rim. Aromatic nose with in- tense intermixed layers of red and black fruits, with underlying creamy notes and a exotic spicy hint. Soft, big, yet elegant mouth feel. Full body with superb balance and grip, and a long finish, carrying intense ripe fruit and complex flavors.

Vintage: 2016
Blend: 100% Grenache
Region: Toro, Spain
Artist: James Jean
Designer: Mr.Keedy and Basora
Winemaker: Oriol Illa
Ships: Worldwide

James Jean
“Poor Thing” depicts a forest populated by a trio of characters representing thwarted desires, draped with kudzu. A bloated cupid draws back his bow, perhaps in an effort to protect the angel from a hound that has become a hunter. Meanwhile, the oak trees are weeping while witnessing this sad romance, redolent of the heat and humidity of the South.