Diddley Bow (signed by James Jean)
Diddley Bow (signed by James Jean)
Diddley Bow (signed by James Jean)

Diddley Bow (signed by James Jean)

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Tension. Electricity. Nervosity. Lush yet racy. Extremely complex and beguiling wine that walks a tightrope between extremes of excess and laconic expression. The initial impression is full and rich and ripe with tropical flavors and honey, melon, stone fruit and slight hints of vanilla but then the structure kicks in and grips the wine on the palate and suddenly the impression changes to passionfruit and crisp green white nectarine. Tour de force winemaking that fulfills the promise of the genius artwork on the label.

Vintage: 2016
Blend: 100% Malvasia
Region: Toro, Spain
Artist: James Jean
Designer: Mr. Keedy and Basora
Winemaker: Oriol Illa
Ships: Worldwide

James Jean
“The “gut bucket” blues became the inspiration for the “Diddley Bow” series. I always liked the idea that music could be cobbled together from the simplest of materials, so the characters are all connected to something elemental, if not being elemental themselves. Being somewhat of an amateur musician, I used colors that were evocative of the music, acidic yellows and reds, in addition to bruised purples in the line work.”