Thank you, my person ♥

Hello My Persons,

It’s important to stay centered.  Even though I have a religious devotion to yoga, meditation and Grey’s Anatomy, when you have a week like I’ve had, you can get lost.  I’ve had an amazing week, for sure, if you measure life by Champagne dollars.  So, thank you. You’re my person.  

Still, that’s not enough to keep me centered.  I’ve spent more time on social  media than I’ve ever done in my life, more time with Google analytics, more time with Shopify, those dime store hoods who tried to steal my money, though, in the end,  I stared those bitches down and made them shopablink. So by today, Friday, I felt lost.  I dug deep and grabbed my life map.  

I’ve been told, The Dali Lama himself, has a copy of this map. Tattooed on his butt. So this is my weekend in a nutshell. This is where I’m goin. Road Trip!  I’m gonna follow this map, drink my weight in bubbles and (foie gras) toast you for being there.  I suggest you do the same. That’s why I made the stuff. A customer wrote to me and asked me which fizz I prefer and here’s what I wrote:

I love both the Blanc de Blancs and the Rosé.  That’s why I made them.  Rosé tends to be more rare; and real rosé, made in the right way, with good color, structure and body is even rarer.  It’s a bigger, more powerful wine than the Blanc de Blancs.  The Blanc de Blancs has that typical bread basket, hazelnut, butterscotch quality I love in BdB but with a nervosity and electricity that makes it exciting to drink; and of course the hint of bourbon dosage, which doesn’t really taste of bourbon but adds a hint of beguiling complexity, is alluring and delicious.


Good Lord Blanc de Blancs and Bless Your Heart Rosé…both, are still available, but all orders must be placed before next Thursday (9/27), because once people start tasting them, well, there’s not a map on earth that can help you. Trust me, you don’t want to explain to your partner on Thanksgiving/Christmas Eve/New Years Eve why you don’t have her/his/their/Cardi B’s Good Lord.


Cheers, Salut and Chin Chin,

The Admiral


PS  More than a few customers emailed me about this soy sauce.  I might import it again. Let me know if you have interest.

PPS Over the years I’ve been sued by the estate of Rosalind Russell, The Red Cross, the biggest bank in the world, and Maker’s Mark, to name a few.  I expect to be sued by Ellen Pompeo.  Bring it Ellen.  I’m waiting.  I have your bacon right here.  However if you never hear from me again, you’ll know the executives at Shopify read my emails.