Pies and Cocktails

At one time in my life I started a pie and cocktail club called the Pietini of the Month Club.  Pies and cocktails are similar and sort of a metaphor for life.  When the ingredients come together in harmony, the sum of the parts are greater than the ingredients.  But when they don't you have a whole mess of nothing. Members received a pie (provided each month by genius baker Phoebe Lawless of Scratch Bakery in Durham) and a recipe for a cocktail based on the pie every month.  It was critical that I invent a pie server and cocktail strainer, well, because one didn't exist and, uhm, it was as important and necessary to the preservation of life as a 10 Blade is for Meredith Grey.  I called it The Rossini.  It's available on my web site now.  

 And of course I needed a spokesperson for the club, so I hired Mrs. Pietini.

Here are a few of my original cocktail recipes: