My letter to Grateful Palate customers...

Greetings Grateful Palate Customers,

My website has just gone live, right now.  In the weeks to come I’ll offer artisan products I’ve discovered over the past few years in my travels to 35 countries; and which will be available only on my website and nowhere else.  You’ll also discover old friends like Allan Benton and new friends like Yolanda Herraiz.

My first offering is two Champagnes; they are extraordinary bubbly wines, born from a project that I made in collaboration with friends: James Jean in Los Angeles, Cedric and Karla Guyot in Champagne, Julian and Sissy Van Winkle in Louisville and JJ Bertram in Barcelona.  As you can tell, this was an international operation on a scale I’ve never attempted before.   Here’s a photo of the two Champagnes which I call Good Lord Blanc de Blancs and Bless Your Heart Rosé.

I’m modest but I’m unabashed in saying these may be the most beautiful Champagne bottles ever produced.  They are extremely rare, only 400 bottles of each produced, artwork by and signed and numbered by world renowned artist James Jean, who I met years ago when we created Southern Belle together.

Go to my website for the full story, but there’s a super secret ingredient that a large Champagne estate owner called a “game changer.”  By the way, I LOVE WORKING IN CHAMPAGNE.  This is how my friends help me celebrate a bottling at their Chateau in Epernay.


I’m happy to hear from any and all customers.  Write any time.

Warm regards,
Admiral Bacon (Formerly Captain Bacon, I promoted myself) aka Dan Philips















(note: this letter has been slightly modified for my public blog)