I added a couple things

Happy Holidays Grateful Palate Customers!

This is an email for all my customers old and new.  There are several new items up on my website.  Please visit and you’ll find some highlights below.  Remember, every order gets a free Bacon of the Month Club Do You Wanna Piece of Me Apron by Ana Benroya.  Be sure to add it to your cart.

The Basket is back.  With beautiful red rope this time. The first run of baskets sold out in 24 hours.  28 just arrived and two just sold.  This is the last shipment I will have this year.  I expect them to evaporate.  This may be the best gift of 2018 for your foodie, vegan, vegetarian or human friend or family. Remember, they stack!  

It’s not too early to start thinking about your Christmas tree.  And it’s always a good time to think about bacon.

Enjoy your bacon at both ends.  The only bacon toilet paper in the world.  That I know of.   

Bags Groove. My name for my series of custom designer wine bags.  I like to think Theolonius Monk would have bought one.  Four different styles.  See them all at my web store.  

Please call or email any thoughts or questions.

Remember to order your free apron

Butter is coming.  Wine is coming.  Grab Bag is coming.  Stay tuned.  

Warm regards,
Dan Philips
Admiral Bacon